Sunday, June 2, 2013

DIY How to make faux hobnail milk glass vases

I was shopping at the grocery store today for beans, as I was going to make a
Kale & Bean soup. 
Noticing the split peas, I was reminded of a craft I made when I was
little at Camp Fire Girls.  I think we made these fake milk glass vases
for our mothers.  So, I bought some split peas and went to work
to see if I could re-create the. 

I couldn't remember exactly how to make them, but I got it
after a few tries. 
You need a glass, vase or other vessel.  I think a pilsner would look nice
as a vase.  I just used what I had on hand: a glass vase and a glass bottle. 

Elmer's Glue
Spray Paint
Split Peas

You can buy spray paint that works on plastic, so perhaps you could use plastic containers as well, or find
old glasses and vases at thrift shops, yard sales and perhaps a dollar store. 

I first tried on a Coronita bottle.  That didn't work out well, as I didn't spray paint the bottle first. 

Spray paint your glass in choice of colors. I tried white and green.  Let it dry. 
Today was hot, and humid, so drying was a little slow and I was impatient. 

Glue the split peas onto your glass.  You can stagger rows or make a monogram perhaps.  I just
tried a basic pattern to get the hang of it after so many years!

I found out not all peas are created equal.  Try
to use the most uniform ones.  You can see here, and
in the next effort, I chose some suspect peas!


If you are thinking of making several of these for a party such as a bridal shower or wedding, have
a craft party, so you have several people working on these.  They work up slow and can be a bit

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