Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My pinterest boards ~ royalpresence

Pinterest is becoming a part of my daily routine.  Not being a member for all that long, I was amazed to discover how many boards residing under my profile. 

Some of the boards:

Pinterest is a great place to share ideas, gather ideas and keep them all in one place.  It's useful for buying and selling too, when we are looking for certain items, we can just pin to a board we create.  It could not be more simple and that's why I like pinterest so much, it's so simple and effective.
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Here are some of the board links as depicted in the above image?

addoway (addowayonpinterest)

america (All-American)

christmas (christmas on addoway)


crafts (DIY crafts)

old recipes (heirloom recipes)

looking for (in search of) NEW

just because

gift wrap (Wrap it up)

fall recipes (fall and winter recipes)

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